Congratulations! You have made it through another week (or another day if it’s not Friday) and it’s time for free art again!   I don’t have much to say about these.  Get your religion on with these religious quotes. Ba-bam!   Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE lettering course on Skillshare! You can check it out HERE!   3 Printable Bible Quotes   Hey! If you LOVE these downloads, SHARE THEM WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Why? Because it makes me smile and helps me out so much you don’t even know! If you want to say thank you for the quotes, click thatRead More →

If love was last week, this week I have to pick life.  I love quotes about life because sometimes you need a reminder to keep living or to keep moving forward.  Or to just keep swimming.  And sometimes, you need quotes to really make you think.  Here I’ve got five meaningful life quotes for you to mull over this week. These guys are 8x10s so you can get frames pretty much anywhere for these, but I got white frames from here.   Hey y’all, if you LIKE and ENJOY these free art downloads, please share them with your friends! Sharing keeps the FREE downloads coming!Read More →