When I tell people I’m a dog trainer, this is usually the first question I hear.  Or first request I get “How to make my dog come when called” or “my dog won’t come when called”.  Usually I’m polite about it, too, and I say some non-committal “give it treats when it does” — because you don’t want to hear the truth.   The truth is, to get your dog to start coming when called, you have to STOP doing things that make him want to run away.   Related posts Why Your Dog Doesn’t Come When Called   You call him to you toRead More →

There are some people in this world that think that dogs should perform for us just because we want them to, but no one goes to work because their boss wants them to.  They go for the paycheck and you can’t expect your dog to be different.   Treats mean different things to different dogs.  For some dogs, just your praise is enough, but that’s definitely not true for all dogs!  Some dogs love toys, and others you just have to stick with the food rewards. Every single dog is food motivated.  I know, you’ve got that one friend that says their dog doesn’t like treatsRead More →

Do you feel like you’re repeating commands constantly with your dog? Or that they listen when you’re inside but as soon as you take them outside they could care less?  That’s common and a completely normal problem to have.  Sometimes dogs do that because other things are really interesting (c’mon they live for going outside) or just because they don’t realize that they have to because they’ve never had to before.  That’s common with rescue dogs that aren’t used to being trained.   Let’s look at some ways to get your dog to listen better.  I’m warning you now.  This post is LONG and THOROUGH withRead More →