When I made these guys, I was so proud of them.  And I honestly STILL love them! I made these nearly a year go when I first started my iPad Pro lettering journey.  Heck, I’m still proud of them!   This was another week of looking through the archives to find old art that I’m ready to share with the world.   Do you want to learn hand lettering? If you’re checking out these practice pages because you’re interested in hand lettering and want to get some practice in, DON’T GO AT IT ALONE. I’ve got a whole self-paced e-course all about hand lettering. MyRead More →

It’s finally Friday!!!  And it’s almost the end of July, which, really has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that school is starting up again, cool weather is on it’s way, and I’ve been lettering professionally for almost a year! So, I have something a little different for you guys this week.  Some of you may not know this, but I used to sell on Etsy.  I sold hand lettered home decor prints.  I actually really enjoyed it until Etsy became nearly impossible to use as a reliable source of income and I had to leave. For this week, I looked in theRead More →

Y’all I’m spent on titles, but it’s still Free Art Friday! Woo!  I guess I could start actually putting the quotes in the titles.  That won’t always work, of course, since not every set of quotes is short enough.  Live, Life, Love counts, though! Anyway, because I’m preparing for something a bit bigger this week, this free art Friday is another short one.  I got this mother’s day thing coming to y’all, so I had to whip these bad boys up real quick.  And this also sort of celebrates my brother and his fiance moving to a new place!  I’m super excited for them soRead More →

It’s that time again guys!  So I’m a little behind this week on what I’ve got to get done so this one is quick and dirty and simple.  There’s a link at the bottom for the download.  It’ll take you to a PDF so you can download the print.   These guys are 8x10s already, so you can get frames pretty much anywhere for these, but I got white frames from here.           Never Doubt Your Instincts   Follow Your Own Star   Talent Works, Genius Creates (YES) Life Teaches, Love Reveals   Listen More, Speak Less     There youRead More →

I made these guys a few weeks ago, practicing my handlettering with these fun and quick illustrations.  I have a certain love for nursery art.  I feel like bedrooms should start off being encouraging spaces, even for a baby.  So we have these whimsical nursery prints for a free download this Friday! To download: click the title of the art piece and it will take you to a downloadable .PDF. stayclever – growwise – dreambig – bebrave dreambigcolor – bebravecolor – growwisecolor – stayclevercolorRead More →