I feel like every artist goes through a pop art phase and this is mine. I have a love for things that look like they’re screen printed or done with traditional media while still done digitally. That’s one of my absolute favorite design aesthetics. I also LOVE LOVE pop art designs.   So from the archives I have for y’all some pop art kitchen prints. If you want to know how to incorporate these into your life, my tip would be a modern kitchen with these guys as a nice pop of color. It’ll make people think you have style even if you have NORead More →

If love was last week, this week I have to pick life.  I love quotes about life because sometimes you need a reminder to keep living or to keep moving forward.  Or to just keep swimming.  And sometimes, you need quotes to really make you think.  Here I’ve got five meaningful life quotes for you to mull over this week. These guys are 8x10s so you can get frames pretty much anywhere for these, but I got white frames from here.   Hey y’all, if you LIKE and ENJOY these free art downloads, please share them with your friends! Sharing keeps the FREE downloads coming!Read More →

Y’all I’m spent on titles, but it’s still Free Art Friday! Woo!  I guess I could start actually putting the quotes in the titles.  That won’t always work, of course, since not every set of quotes is short enough.  Live, Life, Love counts, though! Anyway, because I’m preparing for something a bit bigger this week, this free art Friday is another short one.  I got this mother’s day thing coming to y’all, so I had to whip these bad boys up real quick.  And this also sort of celebrates my brother and his fiance moving to a new place!  I’m super excited for them soRead More →

  Hey guys, it’s my favorite day of the week! Free Art Friday! I missed a week because I actually hand letter all of these quotes on my iPad and it does take a bit of time to do. I have five for you guys because I’ve kind of been in a sassy quote mood. Who doesn’t like sassy quotes?   Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE lettering course on Skillshare! You can check it out HERE!               This set is a little different. I’m giving you all five quotes in one PDF download. I figuredRead More →