Minimalism can sometimes seem like a lofty goal or something just inside your home that doesn’t have any place in the real world, but you can find inspiration for your minimalist practices all over the place. Once I decided to live a more minimalist lifestyle at home, I realized that I’d already learned to simplify some things just through working in the restaurant industry.   As a server, I was already being a minimalist in how I managed my time.     Related Posts         What can being a server teach you about minimalism?   More than just how to carry cocktails onRead More →

What do you do when you want to downsize your living space and start a minimalist lifestyle? While most people think of downsizing their wardrobe or their trinkets, there’s a lot of downsizing you can do in your kitchen. One of the main ideas of environmentalism is the classic “reduce, reuse, recycle.” That’s super easy to do in the kitchen.   We’re going to talk about how to start the process of downsizing, making sure everything in your kitchen is doing double duty or you’re just using it all the time, and then how to save money by buying in bulk and making your ownRead More →

When you begin your minimalism journey, you can always start by throwing stuff away. Buying less stuff can start whenever and is an ongoing thing, but downsizing is essential to jump-starting a minimalist lifestyle. One of the hardest things to downsize for me personally? My makeup. Though I wear minimal makeup every day, I like to really do it up on dates, events, or even just random days. And like any woman who wears makeup, I like to switch it up and try new things, which means I have some “extra” products lying around. When we first started our minimalist lifestyle, I had to thinkRead More →

Besides Quiet Sundays, I have a“day job” is in the service industry, so I wear makeup mostly to look more awake and happy. And it gives me a huge confidence boost to have on some red lipstick or a well-executed winged eyeliner. I also love doing dramatic makeup looks for parties or events (like Mardis Gras!). One thing I don’t want to do is let my love of makeup interfere with our minimalist lifestyle, so I’ve pared down all my makeup supplies to the essentials. If you’re on a similar journey, let me share my tips and tricks for looking fabulous with makeup while alsoRead More →