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Have you ever wanted to start lettering and you didn’t really know the place to start?  Have you seen people with those crazy fancy lettering styles and wanted to do it too? Just in your own style?  That’s me– I LOVE hand lettering, but I never wanted to just copy someone else’s work or just do drills and then be thrown from the nest.  Drills — practicing strokes — are important, but what’s more important is understanding the parts of the letter, what makes up a typeface, and then after that how to create your own.  To me that’s the artist approach.  If you just want to write pretty, then you can skip to the back and do the practice pages, but if you want to have some knowledge behind what you’re creating, the first half of the book is for you.


This book is the place to start.  This book:


  • Gives a brief overview of hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography
  • Talks about the basics of making a stroke
  • Discusses and gives examples of different typefaces
  • Has information on beginner lettering tools


Now this e-book is JUST AN OVERVIEW of the wealth of information available on type.  It’s meant to get your feet wet, to get you a little foundation as you practice.


Do you want to do drills like the professionals? Check out my 10 page Beginner Strokes Practice Pages. These pages go through the most important strokes you will use as a letterer and give you fun drills that you can do over and over to get better at using a brush tool!


Looking for more letters practice? Check out all of my FREE PRACTICE PAGES.




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