Is it wrong to be in love with your own art?   I am really into these calendar printables and I love the minimalist flowers. So if you can’t tell, the flower for February is violet and the color for February is purple. Now that kind of thing doesn’t really matter, but I’m one of those people that likes themes to make it easier. I’m already drawing the calendar pages per month, I don’t want to have to spend all day thinking about what flower to draw, too! Check out MORE Free Art here.   Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE letteringRead More →

  Hey guys, so for this year I really wanted to focus on contemporary writers. That is– writers that are living and currently making poetry, not just the writers that we all already know about.   I want to introduce you guys to some of the awesome writers I follow through social media that just need some more general air time.   One of the first instagram writers I ever followed was Christopher Poindexter. He’s totally a hipster, or whatever you want to say. But his poetry is amazing, sweet, and real. I’ve been wanting to illustrate some of his words for a long timeRead More →

interior design trends 2018

5 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2018   We’eve loved a lot of interior design trends lately: Millennial pink, rose gold, chevron patterns, copper accents, reclaimed wood. Of course by now, interior design experts are already tired of them. Style is constantly evolving, so what are designers looking at in 2018? If you want to keep your home current or just love changing your home decor, here’s some home style trends to look forward to this year.   Pastels and Muted Shades One of the main interior design trends we like to talk about are colors, and this year, many designers are loving more mutedRead More →

  It’s 2018. And January. Which means that old crap we were doing a month ago has to get gone. I don’t know about you, but I’m always ready for a new year to start. I’m excited for all the resolutions I may break.   This year I’m kinda doing something different though. It’s not about setting resolutions as much as trying to stay positive, relax, and let things come. One major thing for me this year is the confidence and positivity.  So with that, affirmations. Coloring pages, relaxing, and guilty pleasure shows.   Enjoy with me 🙂   Check out MORE Free Art here.Read More →

So I’ve been trying to do a calendar for YEARS.   Sorry, let me correct myself. I’ve been trying to USE a calendar for years. I don’t even buy calendars but I do try to use a planner or something but I’m constantly asking what day it is and getting completely confused with everything so I finally decided to just make my own monthly calendar.   And of course, what I make for me, I make for you guys! So here it is, January’s calendar printable in my favorite minimalist style!   Check out MORE Free Art here.   Want to learn hand lettering? IRead More →

Hey guys! So I asked YOU guys what you wanted and you suggested song lyric printables!   I’ve been super busy with a lot of other fun projects for you guys, but I squeezed in some time to get these done for y’all.   So this is part one of the Song Lyric series! Enjoy 🙂 Check out MORE Free Art here. Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE lettering course on Skillshare! You can check it out HERE!   3 Song Lyric Printables   You’re welcome! (click the image to go to the PDF)     (Click the image to go toRead More →

Hey guys, I don’t know why but I forgot that Friday was coming? Do you ever have those weeks that are just so all over the place that suddenly it’s up to the deadline and you’re holding your butt? That happened to me. And then I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for this week’s Free Art Friday until the 11th hour so there was no way it was getting done. But– I still wanted to give y’all something before next week.   So one thing my mother does every year is HOUND me to make Christmas cards. It happens every year and IRead More →

Hola pretty people! This week’s free art Friday is a change from what I’ve been doing lately and it speaks personally to me. This week I have an affirmation printable coloring page (and wallpaper) for you.   With the holidays coming up, I’ve been having flashbacks of when I was a child, being forced to see my family, hug people that are essentially strangers, and being labeled as rude because socializing isn’t really my thing. I know a LOT of you guys feel that same way and I’m here to tell you that even though holidays can be tough, you ARE COURAGEOUS and it isRead More →

Y’all. I love quotes that can make you think. Not just quotes that say good job or keep on trucking but quotes that have something to really say. I probably say that a lot, but it’s true — quotes are meant to make you think.   So for today, I took the liberty of rounding up all the best Chinese Proverbs for you. There are some crappy ones, but I got the favorites, I promise.   Check out MORE Free Art here.   Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE lettering course on Skillshare! You can check it out HERE!      Read More →

I’m all about being able to identify what I’m doing. I can’t just bo so random that I can’t explain how something is made– and that’s probably my type A talking. Anyway, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite styles of bounce lettering: Every Other Letter. Before I get into it, if you want to know all about the basics of brush lettering, you should check out my e-course. Related Posts:       Want to learn hand lettering? I HAVE A FREE lettering course on Skillshare! You can check it out HERE!   Bounce Lettering “Style”: Every Other Letter   If youRead More →