Free Art Friday

You heard right my friends. I know this sounds weird, maybe a little crazy, but I love giving away free art.  It’s no sweat for me because I am always doodling or hand lettering something! I have so much extra stuff that I just can’t make prints of for whatever reason but are still perfectly cute pieces of hand lettered art.  So rather than just let this art sit on my iPad or in my sketchbook forever, I turn them into downloads for you.


All of my Free Art Friday downloads are optimized for 8×10 inches and come in PDF or ZIP format, depending on the size and quantity. Each batch of hand drawn printables are available for roughly a few months or so until they’re tossed in the archive to make room for new prints.  






That’s not all the free quotes we have on Quiet Sundays!




Not only did I turn my cute drawings and hand lettered art pieces into printable downloads for you, I also decided you should get some cute stuff digitally, too. Check out my hand drawn desktop wallpapers!




Why stop with desktop wallpapers? You also need cute hand drawn wallpapers for your portable devices like cell phones and tablets. Show your quirky style with the thing you carry with you all the time!



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