Minimalism can sometimes seem like a lofty goal or something just inside your home that doesn’t have any place in the real world, but you can find inspiration for your minimalist practices all over the place. Once I decided to live a more minimalist lifestyle at home, I realized that I’d already learned to simplify some things just through working in the restaurant industry.   As a server, I was already being a minimalist in how I managed my time.     Related Posts         What can being a server teach you about minimalism?   More than just how to carry cocktails onRead More →

When I tell people I’m a dog trainer, this is usually the first question I hear.  Or first request I get “How to make my dog come when called” or “my dog won’t come when called”.  Usually I’m polite about it, too, and I say some non-committal “give it treats when it does” — because you don’t want to hear the truth.   The truth is, to get your dog to start coming when called, you have to STOP doing things that make him want to run away.   Related posts Why Your Dog Doesn’t Come When Called   You call him to you toRead More →

I am a self proclaimed cheapskate.   I can admit this.  I hate spending or wasting money on things I don’t have to.  It just bothers me!  But I am also really frugal and a minimalist as well.  Frugal and cheap are different in certain ways.  The idea behind cheap is always wanting the best deal at the current time regardless of it is the best long term deal.  Frugal is a long term spending benefit, making life changes to be more money-conscious.  There are big and small ways to be frugal, but here are fifty little lifestyle changes you can make to be more frugalRead More →

Here in the Quiet Sundays household, you all know by now that we feed our dogs a raw diet, and this even extends to their snacks. Because we feed them raw food, that means we can feed them some people food too. While it’s good not to feed your dog tons of “people food,” you can share some healthy snacks with your dog. Believe it or not, but there are some foods that are healthy for both people and dogs! Let’s look at our top five favorite healthy snacks to share with your dog. apple & peanut butter This is a favorite snack in the QuietRead More →

So you’ve decided you want to downsize, to simplify, to free up your space, but where do you start? I suggest start with the hardest spot first.  Some people say start easy, but if you really want to go for it and you really want to start the process of making your life simple, then jump right in! Once you’ve tackled that most cluttered space in your house, crafting minimalism in the rest of your space will be easier. Like most people, I ended up starting with my closet because my goal originally was to just have less material things.  It was hard, too, becauseRead More →