Is it time to redecorate? Or are you sick of the hodge podge of stuff you have in your home and are finally ready to pick a design direction? But maybe you don’t really know which direction to go in… Or do you not know what you like? It’s okay, you’re not alone there. Related Posts:   It’s kind of overwhelming to get to the place in your life when you want to decorate a home, whether that’s a 500 square foot apartment or a fully mortgaged giant house. When that time comes, you should take some time to think about what your design styleRead More →

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  Are you trying to think of ways to make your old space look new and fresh again? If you’ve considered painting the room, hold off on that thought and consider painting just ONE wall and having an accent wall, or feature wall.   Accent Walls Make an Old Space Look New   An accent wall can quickly spruce up your space, give it real flair, and a new mood. The best thing about accent walls is that they’re easy to put up, cheaper than painting a whole room, and easily changed if you don’t like the color. What’s the purpose of an accent wall?Read More →

Popular Home Decor Colors for 2018   Look, we all get tired of our home decor, but colors can really update your living space. You can also help yourself when you update your space with fresh color. Many of the shades that interior designers are favoring in 2018 are great colors to keep you calm and make your home inviting and cozy. Using pops of color to compliment these relaxing tones can also bring a feeling of life to your living space.   Let’s check out some of the most popular home decor colors for 2018, AND what you can do with them!   MutedRead More →

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5 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2018   We’eve loved a lot of interior design trends lately: Millennial pink, rose gold, chevron patterns, copper accents, reclaimed wood. Of course by now, interior design experts are already tired of them. Style is constantly evolving, so what are designers looking at in 2018? If you want to keep your home current or just love changing your home decor, here’s some home style trends to look forward to this year.   Pastels and Muted Shades One of the main interior design trends we like to talk about are colors, and this year, many designers are loving more mutedRead More →

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  We love making visual art and home decor items here at Quiet Sundays, but we also love home decorating. There’s something really cool about creating a space that gives you joy and getting to display all your meaningful art and mementos. We personally like to stay minimal in our decor and our home lives, so we like to put our memories and art on the wall where it takes up less space.   One of the best ways to display your art, photographs, or even small keepsakes is with a gallery wall. Whoa, we just lost some people, right? If you’re new to homeRead More →