If Pinterest was an Etsy shop and blog.  That’s how Quiet Sundays started.  Four friends, hanging out after the kids are in bed, talking about all those crafts everyone wants to do but no one ever has time for or don’t quite know how to make.

Quiet Sundays is our lesbian love child handmade crafts business and blog.  My partner and I co-own the company and everything is made with our four hands.  If you’re looking for a unique blog that focuses on crafting, pet owning, being low-waste minimalist, and living in an interracial gay partnership in America, you’ve come to the right place.

So who are we?

imageChris (That’s me) The mastermind behind this whole project, 100% type A but still mostly an introvert.  I am the one that comes up with kooky challenges and obsessively creates things.  I’m not happy unless I have a project list three pages long that I can’t possibly finish within the week.  Some people find this stressful.  I’m clearly not one of those people.  I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Fine Arts and I love to explore every medium.  Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying digital media and beginning print making. I also love sewing, and do some jewelry making too.


Manda signatureManda.  If I’m the bark, she’s the bite.  She makes all this run smoothly.  She’s more calculating and less crazy spontaneous.  If I spend all day crafting, she takes care of washing clothes, doing dishes, and obsessively asking me if I ate today (hey look– eating isn’t important when you have a list to complete). She also sculpts polymer clay and comes up with a lot of our DIY projects. Our SEO guru, Manda writes a few blog posts too, making sure all our websites run as smoothly as our household.

We also have four dogs and one baby kitten. (Yes, four!) Penny, Puppy, Titus, and Oliver are the dogs.  Mr. Binx (our baby kitten) is our feisty black cat.

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