I Am A Powerhouse! – Printable Coloring Page

I Am A Powerhouse! – Printable Coloring Page


Well January is definitely over. And February is down the drain, too. For me, February can be a pesky little month. It’s shorter than the others but it can definitely be rough.


This month has been killer for me, with good and bad things:

  • My first month with an AWESOME new writing contract that easily puts my income at full time just from that. Oh and I ENJOY it, too.
  • I started writing fiction again which I’m enjoying so much and is a nice breath of fresh air from always writing articles.
  • I attended my grandmother’s 90th birthday and it felt NICE to be around my family.
  • My dog had an accident and bit off a portion of his tongue.
  • I had to get minor details of my car replaced.
  • I lucked upon a nice little junker worth getting fixed up and driveable.


It’s been a LONG month and I’ve had to make some big decisions, too, like how to price my short stories, how to get the most work done on these articles in the most efficient time. Also traveling can always be difficult for me because I have four dogs, three of which are seniors. February? I made it work. I am a powerhouse.


What about you?


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