I Radiate Beauty Charm and Grace – Printable Coloring Page

I Radiate Beauty Charm and Grace – Printable Coloring Page


So we’ve passed the first of the year hump. February is when the year really gets started, right? It’s when you realize what New Years resolutions are really doable and which aren’t.

But I heard this awesome quote the other day: Every day starts a new year. Meaning– don’t wait until next year to start a resolution, you can start a resolution ANY TIME. And that’s so me, I start resolutions when I wake up and decide to start one. It’s an Aries thing, I think?


Anyway, on to the your monthly free coloring page. Take that Self-Care Saturday you need, watch reality TV, do your nails, and remember that you radiate beauty, charm, AND grace!

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“I radiate beauty, charm, and grace!”

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