Popular Home Decor Colors for 2018

Popular Home Decor Colors for 2018

Popular Home Decor Colors for 2018


Look, we all get tired of our home decor, but colors can really update your living space. You can also help yourself when you update your space with fresh color. Many of the shades that interior designers are favoring in 2018 are great colors to keep you calm and make your home inviting and cozy. Using pops of color to compliment these relaxing tones can also bring a feeling of life to your living space.


Let’s check out some of the most popular home decor colors for 2018, AND what you can do with them!


Muted Colors: beige, ecru, sage, gray

popular home colors 2018
Muted colors like grays and whites get lived up by some pink and turquoise.

Now certain muted colors are always in style, but in 2018, it’s all about the understated elegance of a rich gray with hints of other colors. Forget about that dead beige of our personal computers in the 90s! This year’s hottest home decor colors feature muted tones of sage green, warm beige, and blue silver. These are great base tones to pair with bright white trim, shelving, or subway tile. You can also easily echo these tones in natural finishes like stone or bamboo, which is another hot home decor trend (NOT reclaimed wood, please! That trend is OUT). A muted tone like beige also pairs well with other popular colors in 2018 like jewel tones. If you’re worried about having a blah decor with all muted colors, keep those colors on the walls.



Pastels: lavender, periwinkle, soft pink

pastel colors home trends 2018
This room mixes pale teal with bright pink for a fresh feel.

The most popular color trend of 2018 is lavender, hands down. A nice, grayish lavender or even a more saturated lilac can make a room feel relaxing and inviting to you and your guests. It’s also an easy color to find in dried flowers, fabrics, and wall art, so you can easily set up a pleasing color scheme. If you’re more fond of cooler colors like blues or greens, there’s plenty of hot pastels in those shades too. If you’re missing the passe trend of rose gold, don’t worry, you can find a nice, muted pink to get your pink fix. In 2018, your pinks shouldn’t be too bright, though, with some gray or brown undertones.



Jewel Tones: eggplant, cranberry, chocolate, deep green

home decor trends 2018 jewel tones
Deep colors like chocolate and cinnamon create a cozy feel.

Some of the more popular home decor colors for 2018 can easily accent your more muted pastels. Eggplant pairs well with lavender and even chocolate, which is of course a good match for beige and other natural stone colors. Cranberry is the color to watch in 2018. Seen in everything from accent paint to wall art to drapery to upholstery, this rich, deep burgundy red is a great accent color to add warmth to a room. Since natural colors are also in this year, deep green is a great jewel tone to incorporate into your home decor, either with dark green plants like orchids or with a forest green couch.



Warm Accents: mustard, cherry red, magenta, bright white

bright colors trends 2018
This mustard yellow couch adds a pop of color against a gray rug.

Gone are the glory days of millennial pink, that eye-searing bright pink that brought to mind the Barbies we played with as kids. Now, the pink tone to watch is magenta, somewhat more of a natural tone because there are real magenta flowers, after all. Natural tones are the rage in this year’s interior designs, so your accent colors should stick to ones found in nature. That’s not to say you can’t pick vibrant accent colors! Nature still produces some of the most beautiful reds and shocking bright yellows. Also don’t forget bright white as a classic accent color, especially because it echoes the always popular minimalism trend.


home decor colors trends 2018
Pops of jewel tones and bright colors liven up cream walls.

How to Tie Your Home Decor Together

One of our favorite things about this year’s home decor colors is that you can mix and match to create your own unique style. If it’s a little overwhelming, there are a few general rules you can use to figure out how to use these newest colors in your decor. First, use your muted tones for walls if you’re worried about having to change it when trends change. Darker jewel tones can be great on accent walls, door and window trim, and even furniture. Put a jewel tone dresser against a jewel tone wall for a hip monochrome look. Remember to play up contrast, so put wall art in bright or pastel colors against a dark wall, or do the reverse by placing art featuring darker or accent colors on a light colored or pastel wall. Use your accent colors sparingly in things like throw pillows, blankets, or vases.


If you remember contrast and accent colors, you’ll be able to use the most popular home decor colors for 2018 to make your home magazine worthy.