Love Poem Printable – Poem by Christopher Poindexter

Love Poem Printable – Poem by Christopher Poindexter


Hey guys, so for this year I really wanted to focus on contemporary writers. That is– writers that are living and currently making poetry, not just the writers that we all already know about.


I want to introduce you guys to some of the awesome writers I follow through social media that just need some more general air time.


One of the first instagram writers I ever followed was Christopher Poindexter. He’s totally a hipster, or whatever you want to say. But his poetry is amazing, sweet, and real. I’ve been wanting to illustrate some of his words for a long time and I finally squeezed in the time to do it.


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Love Poem Printable


(click image for download)


If you want to check out more from this AMAZING artist, head over to his ‘gram.