5 HOT Interior Design Trends for 2018

5 HOT Interior Design Trends for 2018

5 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2018


We’eve loved a lot of interior design trends lately: Millennial pink, rose gold, chevron patterns, copper accents, reclaimed wood. Of course by now, interior design experts are already tired of them. Style is constantly evolving, so what are designers looking at in 2018? If you want to keep your home current or just love changing your home decor, here’s some home style trends to look forward to this year.


Pastels and Muted Shades

interior trend gray
Muted blue gray and warm wood tones compliment each other.

One of the main interior design trends we like to talk about are colors, and this year, many designers are loving more muted shades like beige and lavender. Beige may sound boring, but add a little color to make a soft pink or a sage green, and you have an interesting muted color. While hot pink was a big deal, now the hot color is lavender. Lilac and other pastel purples are popular on walls and furniture, and these lavender colors pair well with jewel toned accent colors like eggplant. You can also match fresh flowers to these colors easily, which lets you bring in a natural aspect.


Accents in Jewel Tones and Warm Colors

decor trend accent colors
Warm yellow accents compliment even cool grays.

If millennial pink was the hot accent color in 2017, looking forward, it’s more jewel tones like rich purple or deep green, as well as some bright, warm colors like fire engine red or gold. You can keep things somewhat monochrome and go for jewel tones that match your pastels, such as lavender to deep purple. If you’re more a fan of the warm colors, go ahead and get those mustard yellow pillows or that bright red chair. Don’t forget your walls! You can find wall art in your accent colors and even change it out. You can also spray paint existing fixtures or pots to keep up with your changing style.


Patterned Wallpaper

interior design trend 2018 wallpaper
Patterned wallpaper gives the space real character.

While texturing or painting a bright accent wall was in during 2017, designers are looking toward wallpapers to give a little pop to your interior design. Trends with bold patterned wallpaper include accent walls, or a whole room. Just remember to always use minimalist shelving and organization with wallpaper. Since minimalism is a trend that’s going to stay for a while, most hot wallpapers for 2018 will have tone-on-tone patterns or sparse, minimal patterns to give texture rather than crazy patterns on the wall. Since putting up wallpaper isn’t for everybody, you can also create tone-on-tone patterns with paint.


Soft, Luxe Fabrics

Lush fabrics like faux fur give texture to a room.

Luxe fabrics are on trend for 2018 everywhere from upholstery to drapes to pillows. Interior designers are loving velvet this year, and what sounds comfier than a luxe velvet armchair? Velvet in pastel colors like this year’s hot lavender shades also look particularly stylish, even more muted colors like beige can be jazzed up by the sheen of velvet. Plush pillows in faux fur or soft suede in accent colors can also make your home feel as comfy as it looks.


Bringing Nature Inside

interior design trend natural
Natural materials like wood and bamboo provide nice neutral colors.

Gone is the reclaimed wood trend, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still loving organic design elements in 2018. Fresh flowers are always beautiful, but they’re a hot trend too. Houseplants bring some lovely green to a space, and you can paint their pots in your accent colors to tie everything together. Natural stone finishes also give an organic feel to your modern home. Wall art that features organic elements like flowers or plants can also bring that natural feel if you have a brown thumb.



Interior design trends new year


While you don’t have to be a slave to fashion in your home, it’s important to at least be aware of what the new design trends are. You want your space to be inviting and enjoyable for people to come over, and of course if you love social media, you gotta have a picture-worthy space! Refreshing your home decor can also help you be in a better mood, organize your stuff, and kickstart other life changes.

Think about this list of hot interior design trends of 2018 and see if it sparks your creativity!