Free Art Sunday?!?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Free Art Sunday?!?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hey guys, I don’t know why but I forgot that Friday was coming? Do you ever have those weeks that are just so all over the place that suddenly it’s up to the deadline and you’re holding your butt?

That happened to me. And then I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for this week’s Free Art Friday until the 11th hour so there was no way it was getting done. But– I still wanted to give y’all something before next week.


So one thing my mother does every year is HOUND me to make Christmas cards. It happens every year and I always forget about it until the last minute and she reminds me for four days to make something. I was going to give you guys what I made for her, but apparently that’s EXCLUSIVE. Which was fine — I didn’t like it all that much anyway. I made you guys stuff I actually like. So enjoy!

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3 Christmas-themed Cards


Look, I get you, not everyone celebrates Christmas, so I tried to work it out where everyone has a little something. I’m sorry if I didn’t cover you. I’m actually not religious but I know a lot of people like to send cards regardless.

The best way to utilize these cards is send them to a CARD MAKING company so they can print them for you. I guess you can print them on your own, of course, but y’know….


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(Click the picture to go to PDF)