Bouncy Lettering Style: Every Other Letter – Faux Calligraphy Tips

Bouncy Lettering Style: Every Other Letter – Faux Calligraphy Tips

I’m all about being able to identify what I’m doing. I can’t just bo so random that I can’t explain how something is made– and that’s probably my type A talking. Anyway, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite styles of bounce lettering: Every Other Letter.

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Bounce Lettering “Style”: Every Other Letter


If you don’t already know my basic bounce lettering tips, you should check out this post. Remember, you want to have a little bit of uniformity, drop the letters that you can naturally drop, and also try to put your first letter and last letter on the same line. Now, for this technique, the latter may not be possible, but keep it in mind either way.

For the Every Other Letter style, it’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Every OTHER letter is going to be bounced. The best way to achieve this look is to draw yourself a baseline and then a bounce line. Your bounce line can be your midline or it can be between the midline. Once you’ve done your bounce line, every other letter will be on it. And the other letters will stay on the baseline.

Here are some examples:




Doing every other letter is the best way to start getting used to bouncing letters. However, here are some tips to make your lettering even better:

  • Only the main body of the letter has to be on the baseline or midline. The rest of the letter can drop lower or be somewhere in between both.


  • You can alternate in a different pattern, too. Like you can have two letters on the baseline then one on the midline. You could do only vowels are bounced. You could do so many other patterns and combinations besides the Every Other Letter. The only premise is that there’s uniformity– that you said and stuck to what your plans were.


Annd now! For a practice page. Right? Stop talking, gimme the goods!  This practice page features the every-other technique.


(click the picture to get the practice page)


Looking for more lettering tips? Check out my YouTube! I post weekly videos on fun lettering techniques!