Five Affirmation Quotes If You’re Having A Rough Week

Five Affirmation Quotes If You’re Having A Rough Week

Guys.  This week was the absolute worst.  I’m going to be honest with you.

I have about one DREADFUL week every year and this one was definitely it.  Let me just start from the beginning.  My week started by having to hot compress one of my dog’s anal glands (if you don’t know, don’t ask) because it was swollen and it needed to drain.

Then, it’s been moving week and my partner lives on the THIRD floor of a building.  We don’t want to hire movers, so we’ve been moving stuff up and down stairs all week.

Last? Well about a week ago, we took one of our older dogs in to get some incontinence medicine because she started having accidents.  On one of our many trips up and down the stairs, we left her alone for NOT EVEN AN HOUR and she ate the entire contents of the bottle.  Now, we’d had the bottle for a week and she hadn’t touched it, but tonight she decided to.  It was a very strange occurrence because she’s gotten into pills before but she’s never eaten any.  We’re guessing the pills were flavored (we hadn’t started giving them to her so we weren’t sure).  At any rate.  She ate them.  All.  And we’ve been holding our breath for the last 48 hours hoping she’s okay!

Oh, and my partner’s roughly $300 bike got stolen this week, too.  It’s been a LONG week!

So in light of all of that? What I need is some reminders to stay calm, keep swimming, and take a deep breath.  I don’t need just inspiration.  For this, I like affirmations instead.  I like affirmations because some of them are just instantly calming.  And then others are easy to remember when the going gets tough.


Five of My FAVORITE Affirmations for Tough Times


These affirmations are print ready in 8×10 format.  I’m framing mine and putting them in the kitchen for the week so I can read them at least three times a day.  The frames I am using are these guys.

If you’re new to affirmations, the premise behind affirmations is that we’re replacing our negative scrips with positive ones.  I know that sounds silly, but we believe anything we repeat — and also believe.  That’s why just saying “I am a confident person” doesn’t work if we don’t already have an inkling of belief in it.

When I pick affirmations, I pick ones that can’t be doubted.  I prefer affirmations that focus on moving forward daily, releasing stress, and working towards being better.

If you think affirmations are cheesy, that’s okay.  Give it a go with these guys.  Print them out in a high traffic area and then read them when you walk by.  If you want to jazz them up more, print these on colored paper to add a little pop to a room.


“The best way out is through.”



“I will set aside time to be silent and breathe.”



“I release the things that are not my responsibility to control.”



“I release any anxiety I am holding on to.”



“I act from a place of personal security.”