10 Brush Lettering Practice Pages

10 Brush Lettering Practice Pages

My FAVORITE way to practice lettering is by doing themed word sheets.  I know that sounds silly, but themes are incredibly important to me. So as an apology, I have a pack of lettering work sheets for you.


Do you want to learn hand lettering?

If you’re checking out these practice pages because you’re interested in hand lettering and want to get some practice in, DON’T GO AT IT ALONE.

I’ve got a whole self-paced e-course all about hand lettering.

My e-course will teach you the basics such as the parts of a letter, the differences between calligraphy, hand lettering, and typography, and how to find inspiration from other artists and typefaces.

I’ll teach you all about the basics of brush lettering, how to hold your brush tipped utensil, how to make letters, and common issues that you might face on your journey.

I’ll also teach you all about faux calligraphy and what that means as an artist.  I’ll show you how to make your faux calligraphy look professional even if you just started last week.

And! I will walk you through TWO lettering projects that you’ll love.

What else? Oh, and I give you 75+ quality practice pages that I made myself so I know they’re amazing.  10 practice pages JUST with strokes, and then the rest are brush lettering and faux calligraphy practice.

If you’ve been on the fence about learning how to letter, just starting out, or you feel kind of stuck in your journey, this is the course for you.

Check it out here.

10 Brush Lettering Practice Pages

So these practice pages I made myself just for you.  There’s three words per page and there are ten pages.  They’re ocean themed.  The best way to use these practice pages is with a brush tipped marker such as a copic or tombow.

Click the picture below to get your PDF downloads!