The 4 Agreements Printables – Printable Quotes

The 4 Agreements Printables – Printable Quotes

Hey guys.  It’s that time again– free art downloads on a day that happens to start with an F and end with a Y.  But I have a surprise for y’all.  I didn’t do these quotes! My partner did because I’m studying for an exam AND I just started a huge project that I can’t share yet but will share with everyone eventually.

So my girl is a sci-fi nerd.  Like it’s bad because I’m kind of not, but I’ve been working on compiling quote lists so I don’t have to search the internet like crazy whenever I want a quote.  She jumped on the train and decided to find her favorite quotes from Sci-Fi writers and here are five.

These guys are 8x10s so you can get frames pretty much anywhere for these, but I got white frames from here.

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“Don’t take anything personally”



“Don’t make assumptions.”



“Be impeccable with your word.”



“Always do your best.”