Free Art Friday – Live, Life , Love, April 27, 2017

Free Art Friday – Live, Life , Love, April 27, 2017

Y’all I’m spent on titles, but it’s still Free Art Friday! Woo!  I guess I could start actually putting the quotes in the titles.  That won’t always workHand Lettering How To Book, of course, since not every set of quotes is short enough.  Live, Life, Love counts, though!

Anyway, because I’m preparing for something a bit bigger this week, this free art Friday is another short one.  I got this mother’s day thing coming to y’all, so I had to whip these bad boys up real quick.  And this also sort of celebrates my brother and his fiance moving to a new place!  I’m super excited for them so I kind of created something in the spirit of his fiance. I couldn’t decide between the bright watercolor look or the gold foil look for this free art, so I just made both! Which one do you like better? Let us know in the comments. These guys are 8x10s already, so you can get frames pretty much anywhere for these, but I got white frames from here.


Oh, I’m planning a lot more lettering tutorials here very soon! Just as soon as I can carve out a little area for myself, I want to hit you guys with all kinds of lettering tutorials (or basically ASMR videos as I don’t do much talking in them).

If you’re interested in learning how to letter, check out my new lettering guide.  It comes with a free practice book so you have over 30 pages of words and phrases to practice with. Check that out.  It’s kind of a steal and I’m also pretty proud of it.  Just saying.


Enough about my hand lettering, let’s move onto the free art.








So there you go guys!  Enjoy these cute minimalist prints and I’ll see you for this week’s hand lettering tutorial.

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