10 Small Business to start with NO MONEY

10 Small Business to start with NO MONEY

Even if you never plan to quit your day job, you should have a side hustle.  You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to income because if you work for someone else, your job is never guaranteed.  Not only that, but you’ll be able to save a little extra for vacation spending money if you get yourself a really good side gig going on.

Some side jobs take a lot of investing, like starting e-commerce websites, designing items, or in some cases blogging, but there are quite a few that you can start tomorrow with virtually zero start up cost.  Realistically, you have just already paid for the things you need or would be “donating” them to your business for the time you need.  We all know nothing is truly free.


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10 Side Gigs to start with NO MONEY



For me, these are all in the same vein of each other.  Going to someone else’s place for a certain amount of time, watching their child, dog, or collecting mail.  Perhaps all three.  And that’s it.  You’d set yourself an hourly, nightly, or weekly rate and go from there.

  • Requirements: Car
  • Earnings: $10-15/hr, 25 – 100$ nightly


Room Renting

We did this about a year ago and at first it seems a little nerve-wrecking but it’s really not.  If you have an extra room in your home or apartment, you can do this!  For homeowners, a single college student would be a perfect person to move right in.  They’re probably far away from home and would love to still have that feel of being in a house moreso than being in a crowded dorm of kids.  If you’re in an apartment, check and see if anyone knows someone who needs a room.  Set an all inclusive price, too, don’t bother splitting bills!

  • Requirements: Extra room
  • Earnings: $75-100/per night, $300-1000/per month


House Cleaning

This isn’t for everyone, but if you love cleaning or organizing, you could definitely make some other small businesses owners incredibly happy.  Be professional with it, of course, and get the materials you need and be prepared to work when you go in.  From what I’ve seen, a lot of house cleaning services will charge a higher first visit fee and then maintenance is cheaper.

  • Requirements: Supplies
  • Earnings: $15-30/hr


Home Day Care

Are you already watching your own kids every afternoon?  Do you have two or more kids?  Then you should look at starting a Home Day Care.  If you’re just watching your friend’s kids occasionally for money, then I wouldn’t worry about licensing, but if it turns into a very lucrative gig, there is some yellow tape you need to be wary of.  It would also help to be certified in child CPR and not to have a pool.

  • Requirements: Toys, patience, licensing eventually
  • Earnings: $15-30/hr per kid


Home Bakery

Most states have a homestead bakery law that basically states as long as people are picking up goods from your house (or you’re delivering them locally or doing a local farmer’s market), you are allowed to make baked goods in your house.  There’s no need to license and label every product like you would if you were doing an online business.  You have to check the laws for your state, but if you’re a baker, if you’re occasionally making people’s wedding cakes, this is a great avenue for some extra money!

  • Requirements: Ingredients
  • Earnings: $15-30/hr or more


Handyman services

I’m the type of person that just doesn’t want to fool with most things.  I’m happy to just have someone reputable come to my house, fix my thing, and leave, be it changing light bulbs on high ceilings or fixing the kitchen plumbing.  I just don’t normally want to deal with it!  There are a lot of people just like me, so there’s a need for people that are willing to do handyman services.

  • Requirements: Tools
  • Earnings: $15-30/hr or more


Lawn mowing/Gardening

On the same vein as a handyman, people will pay good money for a steady gardener or lawn mower.  Depending on your prices, you could easily have 6-10 weekly clients to make a good living.  Lawn mowing is also perfect for teenagers for a good little weekend/after school job.

  • Requirements: lawn mower, hedge clippers
  • Earnings: $25-50/per yard



This is a great job for college or high school students, especially for people with a load of friends.  Most people would love a second set of eyes on that research paper due in a few days.  You can charge per hour or per page.

  • Requirements: Time; good knowledge of grammar and English
  • Earnings: $3-5/per page


Tutoring/Music Lessons

If you have a college degree in a subject or have extensive knowledge of an instrument, tutoring or offering music lessons could easily become a nice little side hustle or a full time gig.  Parents are always looking for tutors for their children and if you have a gift for making subjects fun, you’ll quickly gain clients.

  • Requirements: Advanced/expert knowledge of a subject or instrument
  • Earnings: $25+/hr


Virtual assistant

With the rise of primarily online businesses, virtual assistants have become a real profession.  A lot of busy professionals would be happy to hire an assistant to check and write emails, organize to do lists, and keep the calendar up to date.  A lot of busy professionals don’t even know they need an assistant until it’s an option.

  • Requirements: computer; some experience being a regular assistant beneficial
  • Earnings: $13-17/hr


There you have it, there’s 10 small business ideas that you could easily turn into a part time job or even a full time job if you work at it.  The best part about all of these is that you probably already have everything you need to start any one of these.


Have you tried any of these? Did I need to add some more to this list? Let me know what you think!

Chris from Quiet Sundays


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