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I know I’ve been doing my quotes by contemporary writers, but I’ve had this one quote on my mind for a month now and I had to illustrate it.   I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of New Year’s resolutions and how they tend to fail after the first month of the year and how people wait to start resolutions until the New Year, too. The truth is, every single day is the beginning of a new year.   Or in other words: If you want to start something new, start now! It’s easier to procrastinate than to get things done– remember that.Read More →

accent walls art paint colors

  Are you trying to think of ways to make your old space look new and fresh again? If you’ve considered painting the room, hold off on that thought and consider painting just ONE wall and having an accent wall, or feature wall.   Accent Walls Make an Old Space Look New   An accent wall can quickly spruce up your space, give it real flair, and a new mood. The best thing about accent walls is that they’re easy to put up, cheaper than painting a whole room, and easily changed if you don’t like the color. What’s the purpose of an accent wall?Read More →

  Well January is definitely over. And February is down the drain, too. For me, February can be a pesky little month. It’s shorter than the others but it can definitely be rough.   This month has been killer for me, with good and bad things: My first month with an AWESOME new writing contract that easily puts my income at full time just from that. Oh and I ENJOY it, too. I started writing fiction again which I’m enjoying so much and is a nice breath of fresh air from always writing articles. I attended my grandmother’s 90th birthday and it felt NICE toRead More →

work at home stay motivated

So it’s been a little over a year since I finally made the jump and started working at home full time. It’s been a rocky road with some ups and some definite downs, but it’s been amazing. Some days I’m crazy busy, while others I wake up around noon and put myself to bed early.   The hardest thing about working from home is staying motivated. I’m not too proud to admit that, YES, it can start feeling monotonous. However, I have some tricks that help me stay motivated. Hopefully they can work for you too!   MORE WORK AT HOME POSTS!   6 WaysRead More →

Everyone has a stage where they’re kind of obsessed with mandalas right? Okay at least every hipster.   Anyway, I had that phase last year because of this amazing iPad app I have and because it is super relaxing to create them while trying to brainstorm or even just while watching TV. They’d been sitting dormant for awhile but I’ve been feeling like I want to do something cool with them– that’s how these babies were born.   Or really, my friend gave me the idea since she needed wallpaper for her new Christmas computer, ha!   Check out MORE Free Art here.   WantRead More →

doodling header

  Pretty much everybody remembers doodling as a kid, right? Maybe even last week? You’re listening to something–a lecture, a meeting, a podcast–and you’re zoning out while your hand makes idle drawings on the paper in front of you. Whether that’s spirals, intricate geometric shapes, faces or even flowers, you’re doing something really good for your brain when you doodle. Yes, really! It turns out that there are a ton of reasons why doodling is good for you. While it may seem like a distraction, spontaneous drawing can actually help you retain more of what you’re listening to, develop the creative side of your brain,Read More →

Hey guys, so for this year I really wanted to focus on contemporary writers. That is– writers that are living and currently making poetry, not just the writers that we all already know about.   I want to introduce you guys to some of the awesome writers I follow through social media that just need some more general air time.   This month it’s Marisa B Crane. I think this poet is witty, hilarious, and not so frilly around the edges. She’s more than just a glass of wine and a cigarette on a Thursday evening, she’s got quotes that make you THINK.   CheckRead More →

  So we’ve passed the first of the year hump. February is when the year really gets started, right? It’s when you realize what New Years resolutions are really doable and which aren’t. But I heard this awesome quote the other day: Every day starts a new year. Meaning– don’t wait until next year to start a resolution, you can start a resolution ANY TIME. And that’s so me, I start resolutions when I wake up and decide to start one. It’s an Aries thing, I think?   Anyway, on to the your monthly free coloring page. Take that Self-Care Saturday you need, watch realityRead More →

I know this is probably silly, but last year I managed to barely miss Valentine’s Day free printables. In fact, last year I had JUST started the website and I didn’t know where it was going to go. I didn’t even think I would be doing a Free Art Friday and yet here we are.   This year I’m on time and I’ve got three awesome printables for you. They are sized to 5×7 for perfect card printing, but they can easily be resized to 8×10 if desired.   Check out more FREE ART FRIDAYS.   Interested in learning lettering? Check out my courses onRead More →

Popular Home Decor Colors for 2018   Look, we all get tired of our home decor, but colors can really update your living space. You can also help yourself when you update your space with fresh color. Many of the shades that interior designers are favoring in 2018 are great colors to keep you calm and make your home inviting and cozy. Using pops of color to compliment these relaxing tones can also bring a feeling of life to your living space.   Let’s check out some of the most popular home decor colors for 2018, AND what you can do with them!   MutedRead More →