6 Reasons to stop COUNTING CALORIES and What to do Instead

Okay so I had that long rant about calorie counting a few weeks ago (if you haven’t read that click here), but I wanted to talk more about this calorie counting nonsense.  I wanted to talk more about why calorie counting is really bad for you and why it shouldn’t be the most recommended method […]

7 Ways to KILL your Blog

Here’s the rub.  Starting anything that’s one day going to be successful is hard.  Not only that, but defining what success means to you is also hard.  For me success means growth.  It means some notion that I’m going in the right direction.  Even if it just feels right, I can count that as success […]

10 Small Business to start with NO MONEY

Even if you never plan to quit your day job, you should have a side hustle.  You never want to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to income because if you work for someone else, your job is never guaranteed.  Not only that, but you’ll be able to save a […]

Pure Puppy: 5 lazy dogs for lazy people

People say that lazy people shouldn’t own dogs.  But they’re wrong.  Some dogs can challenge even the laziest human.  Every dog still needs a little bit of exercise just like every person does, but these guys are ready to make their daily exercise walking to the backyard and hopping on the couch. If you’re looking […]

50 Ways to Live Frugally

I am a self proclaimed cheapskate.   I can admit this.  I hate spending or wasting money on things I don’t have to.  It just bothers me!  But I am also really frugal and a minimalist as well.  Frugal and cheap are different in certain ways.  The idea behind cheap is always wanting the best deal […]


Hey guys, today I wanted to put in my own word about calorie counting.  I think it’s stupid.  I mean, if you just like numbers and you like to play with numbers and you’re just curious about how many calories you’re getting but ultimately it doesn’t matter to you, then go ahead and count calories. […]

Pure Puppy: 5 Snacks You and Your Dog Can Share

Here in the Quiet Sundays household, you all know by now that we feed our dogs a raw diet, and this even extends to their snacks. Because we feed them raw food, that means we can feed them some people food too. While it’s good not to feed your dog tons of “people food,” you can […]

3 Ingredient HEALTHY Ranch Dip

You guys, I’m not a huge ranch dip/dressing fan, but I do prefer ranch on my raw veggies.  Mostly because I don’t actually like raw veggies so they just become a vehicle for the dip.  But I know ranch dressing isn’t healthy and because it’s not healthy you have to limit your consumption of it […]

Crafting Minimalism: How to Downsize Your Makeup

When you begin your minimalism journey, you can always start by throwing stuff away. Buying less stuff can start whenever and is an ongoing thing, but downsizing is essential to jump-starting a minimalist lifestyle. One of the hardest things to downsize for me personally? My makeup. Though I wear minimal makeup every day, I like […]

10 More Free Quote Printables

  Hey guys, it’s time for round two of my collection of FREE printables!  Yes that’s right.  This is the SECOND set of printables.  If you want to check out the first set, you can see them all right here. All of these quotes are hand lettered by yours truly and they’re ready for print […]